• Coastal Waterfowl

     p.o. box 2 Lacassine, LA 70650

    Hours of Operation

    6:00 AM - 8:00 PM 7days a week

    Payment Accepted

    • Checks
    • Cash

    About Us

    Coastal Waterfowl is located right in the heart of Thornwell, Louisiana, with Bayou Chene intersecting right to the North. Come Experience a hunt with us on our fun filled flyway! Our hunts are filled with mallards, pintail, teal,ect...to Specklebellies and snows.

    We tend to focus on getting our Specs and ducks, while having a good time doing it. We love to see kids smile on the weekends, and please our corporate guys on the weekdays.

    It's our honor to help give you your Coastal Waterfowl experience!!!

    Call 337-244-3723 for more info and Packages!!