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  • To all 16 sec. lease holders, get ready to open your wallets or lose your hunting land. Our wonderful Sec. of State Mr. Delbert Hoseman has posted all 16 sec. on a nationwide website, with lease expiration , price being currently paid and how many acres are availible.I am a ms. resindent and tax paying hunting citizen and believe that ME and YOU as tax paying and year long community supporting citizens should have priority over this land.We should not lose our hunting land to some out of stater. With him posting the current price being paid that puts us at a unjustified disadvantage> the next man knows exactly just how much to bid to beat your price,which I think is wrong your bid should be sealed.WE as hunters need to e-mail/write MR.HOSEMAN and show our disappointment in hios decision and remember this on election day.I can guarantee I will not vote from him again. I what some in office that looks out for the people os MS.

    March 27, 2010 at 8:33pm
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