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  • Been a while since reporting but I did happen to get on some of the shrimp boat action we all been waiting for. We started out last Friday with a crew of regulars who didn’t need much advice when it’s come to filling the boxes. We managed to fill the board with Yellowfin tuna, AJs, snappers. Saturday we decided to race everyone else to the shrimp boats and won. We pulled up to the Lucky Tommy and immediately pulled a few fish off her stern. With just our cut bait it was difficult to get the big ones to eat. That first drift we managed three Yellowfin after about 45 minutes of drifting watching fish swim around the boat the whole time. Eventually we decided to run up to a boat that had its nets up to get us some better bait. We immediately turned the boat back towards our Lucky Tommy and squeezed our way in there. We began by hooking a monster on one of our choice baits recently acquired. We stuffed a 170 into our boat and finished strong. Early enough to finish watching the early game. Sunday, with our leftover bait and a confident feeling we left the dock with great expectations. No tuna on boats, but plenty to be found around where the boats should have been. We started fishing next to some birds and a few hours later we were headed in early again with a boat load of fish and tired anglers.

    Capt. Andy Cook

    October 06, 2013 at 9:41am

    We ran 3 trips over the last weekend...
    all pretty much similar results with a really strong tuna bite... adding in wahoo a couple of days over 60lbs... Sunday we started out for wahoo since Andy had pick up 2 nice ones hours prior..., but bailed quickly seeing tuna marks on the sounder. Set up and 1st drift we got into some nice black fin, drift after drift hooking up with singles, doubles, and a triple with yellow fin mixed in here and there... once the guys got the hang of it, it was on... then small spanish mackerel starting busting running from something... moments later the 50 wide dumps 1/2 of the spool... 45 minutes later pull the hook... set up again and keep catching medium size tuna... have another reel dump, do an hour fight and the thing that everyone hates when it happens - happens... only feet from getting a gaff shot on a buffalo size yellow fin the hook pulls... not sure what happened other than he won that one... everyone was wore out - it was somber... but that's fishing... we stopped the black fin madness at 12 and brought back 6 yellowfin tuna and amber jack... great trip and lots of fun.

    April 30, 2013 at 7:03pm

    After canceling all week we finally had a window to make it out. Our crew was eager and so were we. We didn't take long to hook up. Our first bite almost spooled us. What a way to start. We didn't manage to land that one but after a few more passes had a good wahoo in the boat. We moved on after a while and then tripled up on yellowfin. Landed two of the three tuna. Then no others. Moved once again we doubled up landing one of the two. Another wahoo in the boat. Then all of a sudden we had some boat trouble. We then managed an easier than normal limit of nice amberjack and headed for the house. Unfortunately we cut it a bit short leaving some room for more fish. Momma said there would be days like that. All in all we had a good day that seemed like it could have been great. We did get in safe and had plenty fish so we had plenty to be thankful for.

    Capt. Andy

    February 27, 2013 at 10:25am

    Fished on Sunday for a birthday trip with group from Louisiana…some guys that enjoy fishing and the outdoors. We woke up to calm winds and beautiful skies after spending the better part of the previous day worried about the 6 foot seas. After a calm trip down the river we meet 2-3 seas. After a 30 min boat ride in the gulf we arrived at our destination. We started chumming and in less than five minutes we were hooking up. After a few misses we started landing a mix of blackfin, king mackerel and fat bonita. The blacktip sharks started showing up so we moved a little bit to start our drift from a different spot. The bonita and blackfin we the catch early. We drifted all day and towards the middle of the day, we landed a couple of yellowfin on chunks and some big king mackerel on jigs. The highlight of the day was easily the 10-11 foot mako that came by for a visit. Capt. Chris was ready for him and had a heavy duty rig already set up. We whiffed on a whole bonita as bait; he ate it like it was a crumb. Next pass we used a bonita filet and this time we hooked up. After about a 5 min fight, he snapped a rod in half but luckily he didn’t swim away and gave us another shot. The third time we hooked up and after a couple of mins he spit the hook and we never saw him again. We finished the day by landing the biggest fish, a 100 lb yellowfin. We ran back in calm seas and got to the dock before it closed. The group had a good time and we hope to see them again soon.

    February 19, 2013 at 6:51pm

    Yellowfin action from the lump yesterday!

    January 26, 2013 at 11:42am

    First let me say Capt. Andy and Chris took the 6 of us out when no other captain would. I took my company on a sales goal trip and the captain I had booked backed out saying the seas were too rough..Not Andy he said it will be rough but we will catch fish,and catch fish we did ......8-10 seas and rain and we kicked butt. Rock on Capt. Andy and Chris I would fish with y'all in a hurricane --these boys know what they are doing. Again thanks for the awesome weekend trip.

    Wesley K, The Woodlands, TX

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    January 07, 2013 at 7:29pm

    After four cancellations in the last week of 2012, spirits were down for sure. Then the forecast for the first week of 2013 was released and nothing changed. All week long looking, looking, and more looking at NOAA wave forecast it seemed Saturday might be the only day of week to sneak out. Unfortunately no trip was scheduled for Saturday. It used to be in years past not only myself but every captain in Venice were geared up and ready for what is supposed to be the beginning of lump season. Now it seems only a couple of us diehards are still trying to get out there early and set the precedent for all others to follow. DUCKS fly and I don't care. DEER roam and I don't care. Call me crazy but I believe I killed enough dirty birds in my life. It seems I’m always given deer sausage, so why wouldn't I be dying to swallow some salt water. It’s absolutely my favorite thing to do in January. Anyway, we got a late call Thursday from a group from Houston who had never been to Venice. I explained the situation, which wasn't looking good at all. 15 to 20 knot winds out the Northeast. NOT GOOD. They still believed and insisted they could handle it. As much as I wanted and needed to fish I called Capt. Chris to see if he wanted to go. At first it was a definite NO. I told him and crew we would check the forecast again and go from there. Well after it didn’t get any better and I realized our crew was on the way, we had no choice. We figured we could and would make the best of it. The 39 FOUNTAIN was definitely put to the test on Saturday for sure. We needed all 39 foot of it. We made it out about three miles and were surprised it wasn’t that bad, but once we reached the rip where the pretty blue water was it was all that was advertised for sure. We started out behind a shrimp boat which we all thought was a blessing. All our hopes quickly faded after two drifts behind her with not even shark bite. Then out of nowhere another shrimp boat appeared. Same story though. NOTHING. Then we traveled to our first stop for some possible tuna action, floating big mullets around some close in rigs were our only option on a day like Saturday. With no results, we moved on to dropping down for some AJS but again had no luck. From there we didn’t have to travel far or against the angry sea(thank GOD) for our luck to change. First, jig down and there they were. Anything on a day like this was good. Then next drop, tripled up on AJs. WOW! We only needed one more for a limit, which came easy. Easier than they been in a long time. I guess the big waves made them hungry. WHO knows? As we approached the structure I did notice on the sounder what seemed to be some wahoo marks. I knew that would be our next targeted species after our AJS. We finished jacks, tied on our favorite baits and then started surfing the waves around rig. First pass was hooked up. Reel was screaming and we were pumped. Sad to say, it was another AJ. Oh well it was fun for the angler. Then after drifting off the rig really fast due to the relentless wind and waves, we put out our winners again. Immediately we tripled up. I knew this couldn't be AJS again. We lost one of the three. But we put two nice HOOS in the boat. Then to my surprise, our group was ready and had enough. I still had some grouper on my mind. I figured we had a good shot at them, but couldn’t talk them into staying out in that **** weather any longer. So we finished with five happy guys who were excited to see the calm of the river. Five good Amberjack and two nice Wahoo. One went 87 pounds. We still have plenty days open in February and few left at the end of this month. So if you want some, come and get it. We are geared up and ready to go.

    January 06, 2013 at 8:34pm

    After two weeks of unfortunate cancelations due to bad weather, we finally managed to make it out. It seems when the weather has been nice, we didn't have anything scheduled. We met our crew and went about explaining how wahoo would probably be what we would be targeting. They all said great, BUT we want TUNA. Would there be any chance of catching tuna? We here this all the time, considering Venice is aka TUNA TOWN. Obviously, we fished for tuna and passed right by where I thought would be the best chance for some wahoo. We did however plan on making it back that way later in the day with high hopes of finishing the day off with some ONO. After all this we found our self off the shelf at a floater working on executing plan one. We circled searching, eyeing the bottom machine the whole time. We did see there was significant marks, but were on the down current side. Well that sucked because the fish were holding real tight to the structure and wind was blowing opposite the current, which happened to be pushing us too close for comfort to the massive oil producing structure. Once we were tight up on it. I dropped a jig down and immediately hooked into a big cuda. So after that we decided to try the other side which at first didnt seem to be holding any fish. We started chunking with pogies and started noticing small fish at first, but after about four drifts we finally started to see some signs of encouragement. Unfortunately no bites though. Then decided to cut up cuda in my special way. I really hated to do so since I know how good they taste. Believe it or not. I ate em when i was a young spearfisherman and about a few weeks ago had some with a crew from brazil. They insisted. Anyway, Tuna like it too. Because first drift back produced a small but legal yellowfin. After all the work we were thankful for anything. Then went set up again, same story, cuda chunks. That drift produced two YF about 60lbs and two barely legals. We also had two very nice almaco jacks as well, which also taste great. After that drift we had no more cuda. WHat to do? what to do? After trying pogey again with no luck, we started jigging for anything on the up current side. Nothing. So we moved back down current and believe it or not. I jigged up another Cuda. I actually never thought i would. It seems they were really hungry for the lead. Well we got back on our drift started the program and after a few drifts we were back on em. Put a few more barely legals in the boat. Then one rod started screaming. The angler was confused and took what seemed like a lifetime to set the hook. Well I guess we gut hooked a big one, because it bit through our 60lb flourocarbon in a flash. Then seconds later, Bam another rod went screaming but seem to break off on a splice. I really cant explain that one. We Probably caught fifty fish on that same set up. After a few more drifts our crew decided they had enough red meat. Excited to get to the wahoo, we put the boat in gear and headed north. Its nice to cruise at 52mph at 4300 rpms. The Fountain is really built for speed. I do love getting where we need to go quick. I am getting spoiled considering I also run the Glacier Bay, which is built for comfort. Wahoo fishing was uneventful to say the least. Two boats already in the spot with no luck. The wind had changed from south to west and the water seemed different from the morning. We did catch a few blackfin tuna which are still fun. I call them your neighbor fish. You know? the fish you give to your neighbors. After jigging for AJs and loosing some very expensive gear we decided to take it to the house. It was probably the worse day ever for us jack fishing. Current and the depth the fish were holding at played a big role in our inability to pull any out on this day. We finished the day with nice sunset over the west delta bay and some good red meat. Happy anglers who said that these fish were the biggest they ever caught. It was nice to hear. Anyway, hope everyone has a merry XMAS and a happy new year. We suppose to be back at thurday thru sunday. Its all up to mother nature though.

    Capt. ANDY COOK

    December 24, 2012 at 10:09pm

    a quadruple hook up on wahoo with just two anglers and myself. after first three came in we reel in last bait then it was slammed again. We left em biting and cant wait to get back on em. Capt.Andy 504-319-7300

    December 17, 2012 at 3:28pm

    After a fun filled fall of filling the boxes with big tuna, we are gearing up for what seems will be a awesome lump season. While some people are getting excited about the holidays, we are chomping at the bit to get on some of that action on the hump. Although this past year of tuna fishing seemed to be the best in about in seven years, we are looking forward to another great year. The wahoo have already been showing up and it seems that the bite will only get better as time goes by. Fishing for wahoo always gets me excited. It always surprises me how most of our new clients have no clue how exhilarating it can be. The mass pandemonium of every reel screaming as if it were on fire is really something every angler who is serious about fishing should experience. We are now booking a 38 ft. with 900 horses provided by yamaha. We also offer a smaller but more than adequate Glacier bay also powered by yamaha. We do have some days coming up in december for wahoo fishing, but do have some days available for those of you who are tired of the holiday rush. We are now starting to report more on this site, so pay attention. Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. Capt. Andy Cook 504-319-7300

    November 30, 2012 at 7:53pm
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