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  • A big surprise came along while hunting with my son and his girlfriend last Saturday evening in Lincoln County on some leased land. About 5:10 pm i spotted a doe making her way out of the cutover. Thinking to myself this is just like the one i had seen earlier running for cover due to the bad weather moving into the area.As i looked behind her i spotted some movement and some horns above the pine trees. I raised my Leupold binoculars i saw the buck was about a 10 pt and was mature enough that i was going to try and get a shot so i focussed on the next opening. As soon as i got a clear shot i squeezed the trigger on my 308 Browning A-bolt. The buck ran about 10 steps and stopped i then shot again this time he dissappeared. Once my son arrived we walked to where i last saw the deer only to find nothing. After about 20 minutes of searching i walked upon a deer that was much greater than i thought. The deer was hit twice, sported 14 countable points, and had a large body. After getting the deer out of the cutover i realized this was my biggest deer to date. The deer was scored at 173 1/2 inches, had a 19 1/2 inch spread,5 inch bases, scored as a 13 pt, and weighed 221 lbs. Oh by the way we had no pictures of this deer all season.

    January 28, 2017 at 1:39pm
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    Boutte, LA

    Father and son looking for land to lease, prefer private owner. Both have tractors to take care of the lease year round. I have house on 4147 Rollison Road, Liberty MS. I have leased some for the past few years, but the land was sold. Have references in MS. if needed. Only take mature deer, no meat hunters,very respectful. Will pay up to $20.00 per acre. Trying to stay within a 20 minute or so drive from Liberty / Bude area. Call 225 939-2849 Norman Thanks

    February 14 at 2:22pm