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  • December 28, I was sitting in my climber overlooking a cutover with a creek bottom on the border. About 830 I see a deer going down a ridge towards the creek about 250 yards away, looked at it in my scope and it was a doe. As I scan the cutover I see another deer, a small buck, going away from her, and found that strange sine they were rutting. I continue looking and spotted a nice buck. As I try to get a rest to take the shot, the buck and doe disappear! Gone! Vanished! I hunted until lunch, and didn't see anything else. After lunch I relocated to the creek bottom. As I was looking for a tree to climb, a doe came from nowhere and jumped in the creek right behind me, came out about 30 yards away and walked off. I climbed a tree right there. As I got to where I wanted to sit in the tree, I hear a deer start crashing through the cutover about 20 yards away, looked and it was him. I pulled my gun up and dropped him about 50 yards away, and he disappeared in the thick brush.

    January 10, 2017 at 1:15pm
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