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  • I was hunting in the Old River Management Area on Christmas eve. I was sitting in my summit climbing stand, using a primos grunt call to lure a buck in. It was a nasty day, raining nonstop. I waited until five o'clock and I knew it was time for the deer to move if they were going to move. I hit the grunt call one last time before it got dark, five minutes after I hit the grunt call I heard something walking. I turned to my left to try to see what it was but couldn't see anything. It was getting really close, then it stopped walking and I thought it saw me, so I froze. Then I heard it start walking again so I turned my head to the right real slow and looked down to see a huge body and huge horns and I knew he was a shooter. The rest is history!!!!

    January 12, 2016 at 10:47pm
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