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  • I have been waiting on a deer like this to walk out in front of me for a long time. I have never had an opportunity at a deer of this size with a gun or a bow. I am a avid bow hunter and hunt all season with my bow in hand. I have had pictures of this deer since June. He has been a frequent visitor in my plot since then. Often during shooting hours. The morning of October 9th 2016, I just did not want to sit in my stand again. I wanted some new scenery. One of my best friends sat on my stand which I had previously told halfway joking ' you better not shoot that 10.' Well I received the text message a 7:02 A.M. from my good friend, ' you better be glad i like you.' My heart sank. I knew it right away. He had the 10 at 20 yards and did not shoot. I now trust him and only him to sit in my stands! Ha! Well i went back that evening, about 6:00 some does and yearlings came to the plot and were feeding. About 6:45 the yearlings started looking down the plot and took off running. One cull 7 pt this 10 has been running with was in the plot about 100 yards. Shortly behind him was the 10. I never thought they would make it into range in time to shoot. They fed a minute or two and then made a B line for my stand. At 6:55 the 10 was standing 20 yards in front of me. I shot and hit him a tad bit back, and didnt want to chance it. I contacted the Ms Blood Trailing Network and had a great guy bring his dog. The dog found the deer in about 20 minutes. He had ran about 150 yards into the woods. I have never felt so thankful. I never knew if an opportunity like this would happen and am very grateful that it did.

    October 11, 2016 at 9:36am
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