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  • This Memorial Day weekend was an up and down weekend as far as conditions. We fished Saturday morning for 3 hours, catching 26, fishing brush piles in 20-25ft of water. We could clearly see the piles stacked with crappie, however the post front conditions and calm day, had them locking their jaw. At certain points, we were able to get them feeding on a frenzy, catching 5-6, then it would end quickly. Sunday was a much better day. We got on the water at 8am and set out fishing the same patterns and piles as the day before, except this time they wanted to eat! We typically rig 1/32oz jig heads with a crimp weight 10' above the jig to fall quicker, however the fish wanted it slower. We would cast out over the pile with no crimp weight, and let the jig fall slow, then slowly working it across the pile. About mid cast a slab would crush it. This pattern worked great for our trip as we were able to haul in a little over 50 crappie before lunchtime. The lures of choice were Slim Jimmys in Bleu Glo and Salt N Pepper colors. One white crappie was just over 2 pounds caught on Bleu Glo!

    May 31, 2016 at 12:17am

    We have been getting many reports around Louisiana of customers using the Slim Jimmy for sacalait (crappie) and getting great results!

    Out of the Atchafalaya Basin area, anglers are using the lure on a 1/32oz jig head, tightlining and under a cork. Both producing based on the cover you are fishing.

    On reservoirs such as Toledo Bend, anglers are finding crappie eating shad and minnow type lures. The Salt N Pepper color works well for this presentation. Fishing brush piles and docks in 15-20ft of water are producing.

    This lure has great action that entices the bite!


    To get yours today!

    October 12, 2015 at 10:32pm

    A report from one of our customers:

    'My son and I went fish in Grevenberg yesterday and everyone was struggling to catch Sacalait. Well that is everyone except for us. With your baits we were working down those Sacalait in there and some slabs too. We went through a whole pack of the Red Ice Slim Jimmys that goes to show you how many fish we caught. We ended the day with 86 Sacalait. We have a new favorite bait and it's called the Slim Jimmy. Cajun lures are my bait of choice. Thanks for making a quality product for the die hard Sacalait fisherman'

    Visit to check them out today!

    October 12, 2015 at 10:30pm
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