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    Do you laugh in the face of danger? No, like literally laugh when faced with dangerous and unknown situations.

    Are you a do-it-yourselfer with more FAILS than wins, who doesn't let catastrophic failure stop you from trying again -- this time with more cowbell!

    Have you seen all the TV and YouTube shows with those famous 'Survival Experts' and think you've watched enough episodes to be able try those scenarios yourself?

    If you are up for a crazy and wacky adventure in some of the harshest terrain in the US, then we want to hear from you!! SHP is casting for a new TV show that will be airing on a major cable network and we're looking for the funniest, craziest, wannabe survivalists and outdoorsmen that America has to offer. Does that describe you and a whole group of your friends? Good! The more the merrier so have all your buddies apply too!

    To be considered, please submit and email to, with the subject line 'Funny Guy Survival.'

    Please include:
    - 3-5 pictures of yourself

    - A brief bio about why you are a born survivor.

    - A video that shows off your personality is a bonus!

    May 09, 2012 at 12:57pm
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