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  • The best season of my life, even though the doctors said i couldnt do it! This is proof to never let go of your dreams and what you live for. If its in your blood and in your soul you can accomplish what many wouldnt even try to do. From my bow buck you know the initial story of my situation. unable to walk far or climb i had gone to a stand to just sit and watch. It wasnt far from the road and not a long walk and i had a pick up ride coming to get me at dark so no worries... little did i know we would be pulling out the moster G2 buck! the Good Lord smiled on me this season i think to show me that there is good to come from all things whether we see it or not. Hopefully this and my other story will encourage others to keep fighting the good fight!

    March 27, 2012 at 10:45am

    After being told i had a large tumor in my stomach and my deer season was initially over for me as i couldn't walk or exert myself till surgery, i was of course, devastated. But friends and family urged me not to give up my dream of killing a buck with the bow my husband had just bought me for my birthday in september. I was determined to not quit or let my body determine what i could and could not do. so with the help of my husband, his uncle and a great high school friend we went to the stand i thought just to watch deer. i mean who shoots big bucks out of a shooting house? right? i wasnt even going to take my bow with me but Nyles insisted i do. Getting dropped off at the stand so i wouldnt have to walk far i climbed up and we all settled in for what was to be an amazing evening! we watched many deer and a few bucks feeding about 200 + yards out but one buck in particular kept feeding closer and closer. It was getting dark fast and i didnt think he was going to get close enough to us for a shot, but right at dark Nyles shot him with the range finder at 34 yards! Go girl shoot him, nyles said, i said ok lets see if i can even see him through my peep??? And there he was perfect for the SWAAACKKK! He ran 60 yards and fell in the lane! What an amazing time and proof that i will never give up on any dream i might have no matter the odds!

    March 27, 2012 at 10:35am
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