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  • Jan 8: A post I’ve been avoiding for 5 days. Went out hunting with my 2 young boys New Year’s Eve. I pulled the trigger on this buck but Both boys were so excited and proud to kill a “big buck” and think it’s theirs.  It was the first deer killed with the boys, so we decided to get him mounted.

    I wasn’t at my camp to skin him, so I took him to The Buck Shop II in Canton, MS on Monday.

    I paid extra to have him caped and was told they were really busy so it might be a day or two and they would call me when it was ready.  I hadn’t heard from them Thursday so I called. Was told on the phone that they weren’t sure where the cape and antlers were, but to come up there. Went after work, and the cape and antlers are no where to be found. I’ve called them a half dozen times and have heard nothing but excuses...”maybe we accidentally gave him to the taxidermist, maybe one of the skinners took him home, maybe someone stole it.”  Not a single straight answer or returned phone call or offer to try to make it right (which is impossible) and my kids buck is gone.

    I’ve used the Pocahontas Buck Shop multiple times and have never had a problem. Not saying not to use the shop in Canton, but want people to be aware.

    Jim Hurt

    ***If anyone personally knows them and can help or has info on the deer, feel free to message me. I don’t care about getting someone in trouble. Just want my kids deer. No questions asked.***

    January 15, 2018 at 10:42am
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