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  • bass in the grass

    We are camping at Natchez State Park this weekend and was contemplating driving on over to Lake St. John one day to try and limit out on good catfish. Anybody got any hotspots on St. Johns to try? Would the cypress trees give a good yield this time of year?

    Also, Where is the nearest boat…
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    Have You ever seen a pond in a neighborhood and just thought of all the theoretical bass that could possibly be in there? Ive got an answer for you, THEY ARE!! Check out this video to see for yourself!

    Crawfish (or crayfish) are one of the best baits in freshwater for a wide variety of sportfish. Bass, walleyes, catfish and others gorge on crawfish wherever they're found. Here are several ways to rig and use these great baits to catch more fish when you're on the water.

    This Memorial Day weekend was an up and down weekend as far as conditions. We fished Saturday morning for 3 hours, catching 26, fishing brush piles in 20-25ft of water. We could clearly see the piles stacked with crappie, however the post front conditions and calm day, had them locking their jaw.…
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me of a few good lakes to fish in the southern part of the state. I visit my daughter in The Pass and like to do some fresh water fishing, any suggestions would be helpful. Would also like to rent a flat boat if possible. Thank you, Mike

    fishing the Rez..

    good day

    This trio of fishermen prove you don't need a boat or fancy, expensive tackle to catch HUGE crappies from public water.

    We have been getting many reports around Louisiana of customers using the Slim Jimmy for sacalait (crappie) and getting great results!

    Out of the Atchafalaya Basin area, anglers are using the lure on a 1/32oz jig head, tightlining and under a cork. Both producing based on the cover you are…
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    A report from one of our customers:

    'My son and I went fish in Grevenberg yesterday and everyone was struggling to catch Sacalait. Well that is everyone except for us. With your baits we were working down those Sacalait in there and some slabs too. We went through a whole pack of the Red…
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    This is a 3 pound WILD bass taking a live shiner that's feeding on plankton at the surface. Note the spotted gar to the left side of the bass.

    Has anyone been fishing Lake Okhissa lately and have any reports on it?

    10 year old Jonathan Buckley picks up this summer slab on the Ross Barnett reservoir June 26.

    Chris Hemphill and Sammy Hill caught this 3.77lb crappie during a tournament at Lake Washington, MS on 2-23-13. It is the largest crappie ever caught during a tournament at Lake Washington and one of the largest caught any where during a tournament.

    A friend of mine caught this 4.5 lb crappie out of a pond, took him 3 minutes to get him in without tearing the 'papermouth' He was using a minnow.

    This enormous largemouth bass was caught by noted Jacksonville, Florida angler Tim Mann from a large public lake. It was weighed, photographed and released unharmed. The video was made by Chris Holleman.

    Looking for a Fish hatchery that sells catfish for a pond on private land in the Picayune , Carrier area. Thanks for any assistance.
    Slades Hatchery east of Poplarviile, north of wiggins.



    I'm not referring to a Albino Channel Cat, or Blue Cat. These fish are actually a smaller bluish gray type catfish. Supposedly they are present in the lower Mississippi River, and some of it's tributaries.

    They appear very similar to…
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    Bob McNally battles a 6-lb. hybrid striped bass, thanks to a hot spot found by top angler Al Green. Chunky linesiders can be caught in open water on ultralight tackle and light line, so long as there are no snags to break the line.

    Sunflower county March 2nd 2014

    My Dad and i were jug fishing on the Rez Saturday July 20th when we caught this very unusual catfish.
    Wow that is weird. Never see that before.


    They are starting to show up when the temperture stays good

    Chris Hemphill and Sammy Hill caught this 3.77 lb slab during a tournament at Lake Washington on 2-23-13. It is currently the largest crappie ever caught during a tournament at lake washington and is one of the largest ever caught during a tournament anywhere.
    Congratualations to the lucky angler. You don't see many that size, tournament or not.


    Dalton Hawes has braggin rights. He has got his dad beat. Dalton landed this 90 pounder first week in October. He did let dad pick it up for the pick. Sorry bout the quality somebody forgot both of the good cameras.