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  • I was drawn to hunt Hell Creek and I'm curious if it's worth the drive from Hattiesburg. Looked over the deer data provided by MDWFP and not many deer were killed. Is this from lack of deer or lack of hunters? Any info will help. Thanks!

    Thank you for posting.

    Any ideas on how much this ol' tom cat weighs??
    I can't even guess as there isn't anything to judge his size against.


    Sye Blossman put this huge 7 point down Saturday morning. This buck was chasing two does in 20 degree weather. He shot it at 130 yards with a 35 Whelen. It weighed in at 170 pounds, had an inside spread of 18.5 inches, and 10.5 inch G2's.

    want to go on a late season hunt at Leroy Percy SP....anyone hunt there before?

    Dixie Hollis killed this cool deer last season. He got it mounted, very unique. Main beams are 18 inches long.

    Had a great day in the field with my son, Tate Smith, athe the Mahannah WMA Dove Hunt. Thank you all so much for a great time!

    Daniel Smith
    Brookhaven, MS

    Public Land Hunting Maps

    I wanted to post here as a bit of an introduction...

    Some of you may have seen our ads in the sportsman magazine or heard about us on other websites. We offer full color aerial and topographic maps for all public hunting lands in Mississippiand also areas outside of…
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    thought of coming to mississippi for a bowhunt because of the rut is slowing down here in ga.thought of hunting wahanna or yazhoo wma's. which one would be best so far as deer # and the possible of shooting a legal buck,and when does the rut peak there? any help would be apprected! thanks gbb!
    The peak is now - bucks are cruising and singling out - does are on the steady move. The next couple of weeks should be HOT!!!


    Like any ethical hunter would do, I let a borderline shooter (a respectable bow kill / I estimated 16 in. wide 8 point w/ 18 in. mainbeams) walk on a WMA (Mahanna) this past January )NOT a shooter by Mahanna's rules. No big deal, but don't get me wrong, I would have loved to harvest the…
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    i don't know, ben but how much to small are you talking? was it just a quarter inch or WAY too small?

    i would think there would be some slack given to a hunter who just missed the cutoff, but like is said I don't know.


    I am new to the columbus, MS area looking for public land to hunt in the area. Sure I am too late for any hunting clubs looking for members.
    I too am looking for a place to hunt near Columbus, (family moved to the area) deer, hog, waterfowl, turkey. Is there much State land or public hunting around. Thanks


    I want to know if you hunt public land, and do you think its fair to not use tree spikes as a climbing aid,and what about screw in steps and bow hangers. I dont think that it is fair,let me know your opinion and what u think about it,thanks
    The only problem with using them is that i don't think you're supposed to leave stands in trees. I also think thhe rule is supposed to keep trees from getting damaged.

    But it would be nice. I hvae a climber with spikes on it that really holds in trees better than the dull blades but can't use it.


    Anybody heard any reports on Panther due to tornado. going up memorial day weekend to drain some duck holes and was going to ride through to check out. just wandering if anybody up that way has been through there.

    just got run out of the woods around lake Okhissa.
    There's a "No Hunting Zone" surrounding the lake. We weren't hunting, just scouting....Be careful around the lake.
    thats been in place since befor the lake was opened...


    Thank you for posting.