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  • Wow! 302 trailcam pics. 300 pics of a leaf blowing in the wind, 301 two does, 302 Wow! Are you kidding me. We believe this buck to have been a 140ish 3 yr old last year that we only had two pics of. His rack was tall and narrow and he seemed to pose like he new he was beautiful. We nicknamed him…
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    little spike

    just waitng for the right time

    My 7 year old son was able to take his first whitetail doe thanks to friends in Roxie, Mississippi.
    He was shooting 7mm-08 Core-Lokt managed recoil ammunition and the shot was ranged at 135 yards.

    The video shows how excited we both were!
    Congratulations to both of ya! My daughter is too busy to go with beta and a whole host of other reasons but it is going to happen next year that is for sure. The expression on his face tells it all.


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    On the last day I had to bow hunt before gun season began I got this doe at close range. She was getting so close I had to pull back before she came out from the cover and took the shot about 10 yds away. She only made it to the woods and slightly up the hill next to my plot. But keep watching and…
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    With a good breeze out this past weekend in SW Mississippi I took this doe with my bow at about 20 yards. It was a good hit as she didn't go far at all. Listen just after the shot as you can hear limbs cracking as she falls 50 yards away.

    We got this doe with a bow on Oct. 8th. Watch more episodes at

    Just posted another episode! Enjoy!

    Brook and Patrick Sanders
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