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  • lick the baby

    Nice 8 point

    Yeah that's my dad who you can see in the pic . He's not the most tech savvy person out there ha.
    Yeah but apparently he knows how to make things work! Old school ways and ingenuity come through again.


    Got this one on private land near Webb. He'll be a shooter during bow season! Cant wait till October 1st.

    big ten in velvit

    big ten point in velvit

    Two fawns nursing.

    First ever drop tine buck on our property.
    Something tells me you need a better way to get picture off of your trail cam and onto your computer! hehe

    Oh and you better shoot that buck. It isn't normal to have point growing off in unusual directions. Good luck culling him!

    Obviously that is a joke, for those funny bone impaired.


    Nice buck on our lease this year. This is the second year we've seen this buck on our property.

    Wide Six point

    Some great looking bucks wr are hopeing to connect with this bow season.

    Buck and Doe in late March having relations while turkeys watch in the background.
    Wow that is crazy late! I guess that is why I have sometimes seen itty bitty fawn tracks in January!


    Looking good so far..

    Coon eatin corn

    Got this picture testing a new camera,about 60 yards from my back door.Plan on letting him walk this year...

    Please tell me you snuck your camera onto my land1


    big eights!

    big eights!

    Two Big eights! one wide and one with kickers on his G2's!

    75 yards out my back door!
    Congratualations and good luck. Those two are a couple of real trophies.


    One buck standing on other bucks head to eat out of feeder.

    Claiborne Beauty

    On camera 7 days straight!

    We have many pictures of does and bucks on our trail camera, but we haven't seen them in the daylight.

    Two Big Choctaw County Bucks