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  • Trail Cam

    HUNTER GILBERT 8 point in desoto mississippi

    my best friend hunter gilbert has a monster 8 point on his land in desoto mississippi

    These Bucks are here almost every night

    got this incredible picture of a flying doe

    High nine

    3 legged doe

    I killed this buck the day after this picture unless taken. The post shot photo is in the big buck contest. He, in this picture, is 3/4 of a mile north of where i shot him. He went 145 1/2 and weighed 250 pounds!

    3 pigs under a persimmon tree

    Curious Doe checking out the plot watcher.

    2 big bucks

    Big Deer

    the comparison between these two monsters blows my mind.

    Bucks come out at night and feed. No pictures during the day. Hopefully during the rut he will be out during the day.

    this is one of the many pictures i have of these bears. I'm about 8 yards away hunting out of a ground blind haha
    Wow is that for real woodville, Mississippi. Very cool. Nice to see them maybe doing a little better in Mississippi. Lots of them in certain parts of Louisiana already.


    Taught on trail cam in Greene County. We staked the feeder down after he turned it over twice. The bottom of the drum is 5' off the ground.

    Set up the trail cam at a bear bait sight. No bear but some curious Moose
    I have been hunting polar bears in Mississippi for years now and haven't got one yet... but I keep on trying. This gives me a little bit of encouragement. hehe


    I was sitting in deerstand one day enjoying the sights and sounds. After a while the landowner next to me started clearing his road/firebreak. He made a few trips back and forth when i decided to unload my crossbow and head home. Well, no sooner had i removed the bolt and attached the cord to…
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    Good luck with your cat. I have killed couple but I just let them walk now. Love seeing wildlife even if it isn't deer. I don't see many usually max of one per year and a many years without seeing any.


    without the velvet!

    I hunt on private family land in Lawrence County and here is what my trail camera captured. I have been using trail cameras for probably the last ten years and this is the last thing I thought I would capture on film.

    Early season photos of two nice bucks. Visit our website at

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    Gim him one more year.

    Found this tonight, its pretty sweet.

    checked the camera this past weekend and I got one of the best action shots ive ever seen!

    The fawn is a twin. We have several shots of the buck and of a doe with the twins.