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  • Have a mossberg 3'-3 1/2'12 gauge camo pump and a H&R 444 single shot for sale. Don't have pictures but can send you some. Call me at (601)695-4765

    How much rust and the resulting pitting is required before a shotgun is completely ruined for hunting and shooting. I just bought an old shotgun made by Astra that looks like it was shot a good bit, but looked like it had never been cleaned. NEVER!! I don't know what posesses a person to do…
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    We sell all kind of ShotGuns,Pistols,Rifle,Revolver,Black Powder Guns etc in our shop for more information about the product please text (510) 619-8753 and contact our email below
    Email: Or

    Beretta M9 Semiautomatic 9mm…
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    Learn the foundations of Rifle marksmanship and learn the story of the American Revolution April 1775. Join us at Project Appleseed April.20th and 21st in Biloxi, MS. Contact Steve at 228-697-9881 - To Register go to…
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    I have two muzzle loaders...Knight In-line and Thompson Center. Both .50 cal. Would like to trade or sell to purchase a handy rifle or a shotgun. Any suggestions??

    Just got a remington model 591 5mm magnum,they say it has alittle more knockdown than a 22 magnum,does anyone else shoot one of these...

    bought the ruger lcp for my wife when she shoots it at a silhouette consistently hitting right when aimed center mass of chest area but hitting the silhouette almost every time. When i shoot hitting low but mostly centered. I shoot at the head area and was hitting the upper chest. Am I doing…
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    The fact that you two are hittinng two different places consistently would lead me to believe it has to do with how you're each holdng the gun. Slight changes can produce different strike points.

    Any other thoughts?


    What is the best cartridge to use in the 45-70 to take wild hogs? Heavier the better?
    Thanks, Pete
    My suggestion would be a jacketed round. That way it will hold together with the tough animal. Some of the ammo is just lead. They fall apart fast. Weight isn't much of an issue. Even the lighter ones are plenty heavy.


    Got any NASCAR Fans here?

    If so, who's your driver?

    I have 2, Tony Stewart and Martin Truex, Jr.


    Anyone on here shoot the Encore or Pro Hunter?
    I shoot a Pro Hunter In .35 Whelen


    Thank you for posting.

    Thank you for posting.