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    Went up to the property with my daughter. The idea was to finish the cable bridge that whupped my butt... I mean eye last trip, and then to got to the creek for a little fishing and swimming.

    Well the bridge isn't finished exactly but when it is it is going to work great I think. The cable runs across the creek three times. Once for the feet and then either side for the hands. Got the cable secured in position tested out a triangle on each side that will force the cable to stay in the proper position. Without the triangle all you have is three cable that can move all over.

    The 'Triangle' currently are nothing more than a wooden dowel with hardware to run the cable through. The idea will work but the wood will not. I will have to swap out the wood (now that I know it works) with angle iron or something. And a u-bolt at each end.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Went to the creek and caught six small longear sunfish and then just piddled in the rapids with Toni.

    She loves that place. She said she likes going swimming in Coles creek more than going to the beach. Coles creek is just a smallish creek but there is one spot where there is tough ridge of hard bottom that the water channels through like rapids. Water pushing on you, cooling you down. I prefer the beach more myself but it is fun and we both got a bit of a sun burn despite leaving before we thought the sun had burnt us. Cool water will do that I guess.

    Oh and while we we putting up the bridge a deer kept blowing and blowing. Obviously wanted to come through right were we were. Toni got a kick out of that. Good sign anyway. I caught a glimpse of it when it finally left.

    My trail cam was right near the bridge for a couple of weeks but only had one picture. That really shocked me. I always get more than that no matter where I have put it out.