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    What is the most dangerous wild animal
    Now take quiz without cheating ie searching the internet for the answer. Just think about the question and I will let you know if you get the answer right by commenting here. So let your guesses flow. Think about the question and then post your answer. If you find the answer after posting please don't spoil it for others. Let see who can get it right first!

    Here is the question: What is the most dangerous wild animal in the world? And don't say people... WILD/non tame animal.

    Times Up!
    To late. The answer is the Mosquito!
    water buffalo?
    water buffalo would be my guess, but I'm sure the answer is going to be something I didn't even consider.
    Not Water buffalo or Cape buffalo. Cape buffalo kill little over 200 people each year. Guess again.
    don't know why I didn't think of this the first time. seen it on Jim shockey I believe.
    Correct... it is something you haven't considered. Not water buffalo or cape buffalo.
    we going to get an answer for this .