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  • Classic Day 2

    The day started slow for day one leader Kevin VanDam, but he jumped back into the lead with a smooth 26 pounds a few minutes ago.

    However, he's still one shy of a limit.

    The only three limits of the day thus far have been landed by Louisiana's Cliff Crochet, Jeff Kriet and Pamela Martin-Wells.

    The current leaderboard:

    1. KVD 26-0
    2. Jeff Kriet 25-15
    3. Todd Faircloth 24-10
    4. Takahiro Omori 22-2
    5. Cliff Crochet 19-5
    6. Billy McGaghren 18-11
    7. James Niggemeyer 18-9
    8. Matt Herren 18-3
    9. Tommy Biffle 17-11
    10. Steven Browning 16-15

    Mississippi's Cliff Pace isn't far out of the top 10 with 16-3, but he hasn't boated a fish today.

    Check back for ongoing updates.