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  • Breakwater hunting club

    Does any body have any information on a hunting club 3 miles NW of benton, MS The club name is Breakwater Hunting Club and the 500 ac we or looking at for Next season Borders the club. Any information on that area or club woulde be helpfull. Thanks barredfeather..
    Breakwater is a big club with great potential, the only problem is that they've let too many members in over the years. used to be about 19 (only 12 active) now at almost 26 i believe. the other problem they face is a leadership deficiency. They've had the same president for over 20 years. He doesn't lead by example. He hunts 5 days a week, and puts spikes in his deer stands so no one else will hunt them. He's never open to new ideas or discussions on how to really invest in the club experience and grow big deer, which in turn grows member equity value. Rumor has it that he also uses club funds to build his own personal hunting areas and then doesn't tell the club, and that he will agree to new land leases and 'mistakenly' draw the land boundaries until he's had a year to hunt it himself, then he fesses up.

    They shot a few monsters when they started the club, and they'll kill a nice one or two every year, but they have the capability to allow every single member a shot at 150+ buck every year. If you talk to clubs and landowners that surround them, and manage their property well, you'll find that they have large deer that stay on their property, and others that show up once breakwater cranks their atvs up. Breakwater gets too much pressure, they need to change their rules and get new leadership. They shoot deer about 2 years too young and they don't seem to understand how to maintain a good year-round food plot system. With as much land as they control (5.5-6k acres), they should be able to compete with clubs like Horseshoe, Fitler, etc., but without leadership and creating a higher quality member base, they'll never be able to grow their equity shares. Shares started at $5k a peice in '94, now they are at a mere $12k a peice... horrible returns on their investment. If they changed just a few things, they could be selling shares at $20-30k/piece