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  • Grenada Crappie Tournament Results

    The Magnolia Crappie Club held its 7th tournament of its 08/09 season on Grenada April 4th. Much anticipation was dashed by fast moving weather fronts and lots of rain just a couple of days before this tournament. Local reports of really big slabs had MCC competitors chomping at the bit to get to Grenada.
    T-Day was tough for many of the 34 teams, with bites of any kind hard to come by. Just catching a fish, any fish was tough for several teams.

    Still, the Top 5 teams all managed a real good 7 fish weigh-in limit of over 13 pounds. A good weight for 7 crappie on any lake. Oddly, most of the fish weighed in were males. And, males averaging nearly 2 pounds each are as big as they grow, and a lot of fun to catch.

    I couldn't decide if the spawn was mostly over or just beginning. I'm guessing that like a lot of big lakes, some of the fish had already spawned in some places. I know the waders had been having lots of success for 2 weeks before we got there.

    I questioned whether the spawn was really over because Gil & I (3rd place) weighed 6 big males and 1 female, and the males had not colored up, nor did their tails look like they'd been on the bed for long.
    Congratulations to tournament winners John Harrison, Calhoun City, and sub partner, Charles Kent, Baldwyn, who turned in the best 7 weighing 13.40 pounds.

    It was close with 2nd place team, Jim McKay and Tommy Moss, Brandon (13.22) and Paul Johnson and Gil Woodis, Brandon (13.21) turning in very good weights as well.
    4th place went to Bo Hudson and Brad Chappell, Ridgeland (13.04). 5th place belonged to Larry Nipper and Ken Middleton, Glen Allen (13.01).

    The Corps of Engineers used a catch and release tank fo the first time, and Corps officials said they were well pleased with the live return rate estimated at 80 % or better