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  • Wolf Lake Crappie Tournament Results

    Jim McKay and Tommy Moss, Brandon, MS, won the Wolf Lake crappie tournament staged by the Magnolia Crappie Club yesterday with their best 7 weighing 10.44 pounds.

    Only a breath away, Pat Jeffcoats and Don Shannon of Brandon registered 10.40 pounds on the scales.

    Moss explained that Jim caught the Big Mama of the day in less than a foot of water while jig fishing. A huge Wolf Lake female weighing in at 2.38 pounds was the kicker for them.

    Tournament conditions were mild, breezy weather conditions and the lake was as muddy as it ever gets. Wolf Lake fish, although looking like they are spawned out, were still holding very shallow and tight to structure. Overall, it appeared that teams who jig fished turned in better weights than those who trolled or minnow fished.

    In all, the Magnolia Crappie Club had 38 teams entered and practically all caught fish. Gil Woodis and I placed 6th and our fish came on a combination of trolling and jig fishing. We spent the day with our noses in the wind and we had agreed that which ever one of us was closest to the bank would jig fish what he could reach while the other ran the trolling poles.

    Because of the direction of the wind Gil's side of the boat always seemed to be closest to the bank. So, Poor Ole Gil drew the task of holding onto that 14 foot jig pole while I ran the trolling poles. Trust me, a 14 foot jig pole will wear your butt out because you're under lots of low overhanging climbs and extended toward the bank while looking over your shoulder for that next tree snake.

    Don't know how or why, but for some reason we just always seemed to end up on a bank, headed into the wind, which put Gil's side of the boat under the trees. He did good, catching some of our best keepers up under the low cypress limbs.

    MCC has one regular tournament--Barnett, May30-- left on its 08/09 Tournament Schedule followed by its Magnolia State Championship event.

    The big 2-day event will be held June 19 & 20 on Lake Washington, Day 1, and Lake Ferguson, Day 2. For more info on MCC contact Brad Taylor, 662-820-4581.