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    Captain Paul,
    I have a 520c (lowrance) for about 8 months, and for the last 4 trips, usually in late morning to early afternoon, I get the 'gps not responding' message. Now, sometimes it goes back quickly to 'position acquired', after turning the unit off, and sometimes it goes back and forth from 'position acquired' to the not responding message. Whats funny, is it always seems to work in the morning. The sonar continues to work, and the voltage readout has been over 12. All other functions work.

    My question is, would a bad power cable or bad antenna cause this problem-- but why is it so sporatic. I was fishing in areas that were unobstructed and that I had a signal for the first part of the day. I don't think its a power issue, but I'm worried that tournament fishing in areas I don't fish often and this happens- if I can get a signal back, good, but if not navigating places like the spillway can be tough. Any help appreciated,