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    Lowrance LCX 37c Mapping question
    Capt Paul,

    I have just purchased a Lowrance LCX 37c. This is my first Lowrance unit, as I have been an avid Garmin user for the past 10 years but recently had several problems with my 530s unit from Garmin and have decided to give Lowrance a try...

    I have some mapping questions for you. I am looking at the Navionics Gold Hot Maps Premium South S-4 card. I fish lakes in Arkansas, Mississippi and the LA coast near Venice. I know that I need the Hot Maps for the lakes in AR amd MS, but my question is: Do you think I will also need the 15xg Nautical Map card for the coastal areas around Venice? I rarely venture offshore. The guy at Navionics is claiming that I will pick up more detail in the coastal area with the 15xg card, I told him that I would primarly be fishing inshore, but he stuck with his orginal answer--that I would need both.

    Also, I am very used to using the Garmin Mapsource Topo program to manage my data with my computer. I am assuming that I will need to buy the MapCreate Topo program from Lowrance to enjoy the same capabilites?

    Thanks in advance for your response.