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    Dear Capt. Paul;

    A quick question that I suspect will require a not so quick answer.

    I have had a Garmin 276C GPS that I use during the week in my truck. But on the weekends it makes a detour to my boat to both guide me, as well as mark fishing spots, channels and so on. I have to say that it has worked admirably both in the truck and in the boat.

    I have just bought a boat with a fixed mounted Garmin 182C. I would like to transfer all of my favorite spots, waypoints, etc. from the 276C to the 182C.

    Whereas the 276 has a data port, the 182 does not. I have backed up all my waypoints etc. from the 276 to my computer and I am wondering if I can transfer the points to the new unit and how.

    Just to provide as much information as I can, I have a data card for highway use and a Bluechart for marine use. Naturally I have to swap them out when I transfer the unit from the truck to the boat.

    I'm sure there is a way, but the manual does not give any information on a procedure to accomplish this transfer.

    I did notice that there is a 'transfer data' section in the menu on the 182, but no details. I am going to guess that the transfer must be made via the data card.

    Can you help?