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  • Coastal Duck Hunts Can Be Feast Or Famine!

    Recent hunts here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast on the Mississippi Sound have been hit or miss. As crazy as it seems, some of our best hunts have been on average weather days, while our nasty weather hunts have been the worst. Go figure, but we've still been doing well on the average when it comes to taking some gorgeous redheads.

    Last Sunday and Monday delivered great diving duck hunting, and our set up placed a couple of large flocks of redheads practically in the laps of Mark Bowie and his son John Bowie, both from La Grange, Georgia. Although we aren't getting many flocks of birds, gunners have been very opportinistic on the chances that they've been given.

    On Wednesday, Randy Patrolia of Hattiesburg, MS came back for some more exciting redhead hunting, but on this extremely windy and rainy day the opportunities weren't there. At least his first hunt was a great one! A consistent light rain with gloomy overcast skies, and northeast winds building in excess of 30 knots made for some extreme diving duck hunting. Cold and wet, the birds never showed, and generally this would have been a banner day. Go figure!

    Will be back out there this weekend with hopes of bagging a few more of those tough diving ducks. Weekend weather looks to be extremely cold, so all you duck hunters better bundle up. By the way, Mississippi's duck season comes to a close on January 27, 2008, and that leaves us waterfowl hunters very little time to make a few more hunts.

    With this extremely cold weather be sure to keep it safe as possible out there, and don't overload that boat with decoys and hunters, especially in those heavy seas. Make sure all the safety equipment is in order, and use good common sense. Another words...know your limitations! The season is almost over so let's finish it alive and in one piece.

    Soon the duck season will be over, and then fishing will be the main topic once again in south Mississippi. Also, I would like to congratulate all of Mississipp's deer hunters whether they be young or old, man, woman, or child. From the looks of the deer kills posted on Mississippi Sportsman's web site, hunters in the Magnolia State have been extremely effective in pursuit of deer. Some spectacular trophies, and plenty of lean venison...isn't life great in Mississippi?

    Lead Photo: Mark Bowie and his son John Bowie, both of La Grange, Georgia posing with drake redheads taken on the Mississippi Sound. Photo by Capt. Robert L. Brodie.

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie of TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS
    Photography Portfolio: under teambrodiecharters