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  • Hot Weather Good For Coastal Fishermen ...Bad For Duck Hunters

    Here in south Mississippi we've been blessed and cursed with unseasonably warm weather. Good for the fishing, but bad for coastal duck hunters. As for the ducks, plenty are throughout the Mississippi Sound, yet the warm weather keeps them in large rafts for most of the day.

    Nasty weather with heavy winds create the optimum hunting conditions in our coastal marshes, and it's all in timing your hunts on the best days. However, for many hunters it's not always possible to just take off when the hunting conditions get right. For me, it seems getting the days right has been a problem too, and such poor hunting conditions have led to slow hunting.

    But like I said, the ducks are out there we just need cold and nasty weather to get them on the move, and in a mood to decoy. To date, I am seeing more scaups a.k.a. 'bluebills' than I've seen in a long time, and the redheads and buffleheads are down, but not moving about in these summer-like conditions.

    As for increasing the chances of bagging ducks on the Mississippi Sound, placing a single hunter in a layout boat is the best method for fooling these warm weather ducks. Yesterday was a great morning for my personal hunting when I managed to knock a huge drake canvasback out of the sky. Sporting a long bill and neck, magnificently hued rusty head and white back coloration, this bird will become a trophy mount for my wall.

    As for the fishing, plenty of black drum and sheepshead have been coming out of the coastal bays; a number of good reports of speckled trout and redfish has been steady in the mild weather too. With these summer-like conditions it's definately a good time to wet a hook throughout our coastal waters. Bottom line, there are plenty of outdoor options for hunters and fisherman, so get out there and take advantage of our wonderful outdoor resources.

    Lead Photo: Eddie Jones is posing with a drake canvasback taken on the Mississippi Sound. Photo by Capt. Robert L. Brodie.

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie of TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS