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  • Who shoots Traditional Archery?

    Who all on here shoots Traditional Archery?

    I have been shooting and hunting strictly traditional for about 10 years now.

    I'm a member of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters Association. Are there any other members of Comptons on here?

    What traditional bows do ya'll shoot?

    I have several but my "go to" bows are:

    Black Widow PMAX 57# @ 28" 60" long Use for Deer, Hog, etc. (Big Game)

    Ben Pearson Takedown 50# @ 28" 58" long Also a Deer bow.

    Bear Archery Kodiak Magnim 42# @ 28" 56" long Small Game and Turkey.

    Let me know what ya'll have and shoot!

    Shoot'em Strait!!
    I've been shooting traditional for only two years, but I've got the trad bug bad. I have a couple of longbows - a shrew and an Acadian Woods, and two recurves - Bear and Black Widow. Actually trying to sell a BW recurve right now. Still shoot my compound, but not much. Not a member of Comptons.
    I am too much of a wimp to shoot traditional while hunting. Deer hunting is hard enough with a compound. I really only shoot because of hunting so it is compound all the way for me. My hat is off to you guys. It must be a tremendous thrill to actually take a deer with a traditional bow, even more than a compound. I can only imagine.
    Me,me,me,!!!!.....I have been shooting traditional for 2 seasons now, and i killed my first 2 deer this season with my bow.I shoot a Black Widow PSR II recurve.Its 58" long and 52lb's at 28".........ONE "SWEET" BOW!!!!!
    What area of MS are Ya'll in?
    What area of MS are Ya'll in? I've thought of starting a Traditional Archery Orgainization down here.

    I helped to start one back in Indiana before I moved down here and it was really successful.

    Would you be interested?

    Im in Louisiana myself,Morgan City to be exact.How about yourself?????
    I'm in Saucier, MS. about 20 minutes north of Biloxi.
    Hunt in MS
    I live in LA, but mostly hunt in Franklin Ct., MS around the Homochitto National Forest. MS doesn't have a trad bow club?
    How is the hunting in that forrest?I have been interested in hunting there for years.Is there a good deer population?
    I don't hunt in the forest. I'm in a club/lease that borders the forest. Haven't crossed the border to hunt yet, but might check it out this coming season. There's the Sandy Creek WMA inside the National Forest, but I read that it's pretty crowded on the weekends. Less crowded on the weekdays.
    Love Traditional Archery!
    Glad to see some guys talking traditional. I've shot compound for 25 years, started traditional seriously the last few years and it's addictive. I shot a Sovereign Ballistic for a while but all of my buddies shoot a Black Widow. I got my Widow a few months ago and it's a great shooting bow. I have a great group of guys that shoot traditional here at the shop often on Tuesday nights. If anyone wants to join us, it's alway great to have some new guys join us. Had a couple misses getting into it, but someone managed to seal the deal on the best one I had a chance at. I'll try to add the picture to the post. If not, he's on my web site in the trophy room.
    Old School Traditional Archer
    I have been shooting the same Bear Kodiak Magnum one piece recurve for 42 years now. Absolutely happy with traditional archery and have never even shot a compound. I finger shoot instinctively with no bow sights, no silencers, no stabilizer, no release aid, or anything else...just stick and string. If it is possible to post photos I will be glad to post some of my bow and some arrow groups. Yes, you can hit shooting instinctively and yes you can kill deer with traditional equipment the old school way. It is such a blast I never even fired a gun at a deer last year...preferring to bow hunt nearly all the time. Saw deer 51 times last season on my land and put a fat doe in the freezer.
    Just saying hello
    This is my first post on this forum. I recognize some members here....Firecloud...I hope all is well. Anyway, just saying hello to my fellow traditional archers as well as all you other achers. I shot my first bow 4 years was a recurve. It was love at first sight. I hadn't hunted in 15 years and i had never bowhunted. I have several longbows and recurves in my arsenol and i have managed to take 9 deer with my bows in 3 years. I took 3 does and 1 buck my first season and i took that buck at 48 yds. I missed him at 12 yards 3 days earlier.

    Martin recurve 63#@29'
    Hawg Longbow 51#@28'
    1972 Bear Kodiak Recurve 45#@28'
    1953 Bear Kodiak Hunter Recurve 50#@28'
    Homemade Longbow 61#@29'
    Welcome aboard, junker. Man, we'd love to see some photos of your kills. Good luck this year. If the weather for the opening week is any indication it's gonna be a great season.
    1st bow kill
    i dropped this little 6 pt at 48 yds. i must have hit several organs. he went down within 20 yds of where he was shot
    1st pass thru @ 23 yds
    That is impressive with a long bow!!! Congrats on the deer.
    I shoot
    I have an old Pearson that my Grandpa bought back in the 60s. I shoot it but im not confident enough to take it huntin yet, although i am takin it this year along with my Hoyt just in case big boys steps out at 40.. ha