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  • DeSoto County 162-2/8' Stud

    I had been seeing this deer for 3 years starting in 2014. Last year we had him on camera several times and I even shot and missed him during the first muzzleloader season of 2015. Time went on and we stopped taking pictures of him last year during hunting season. In February, my neighbor found his shed in a food plot nearby and i knew he survived!

    I planted my food plots and started seeing him regularly in August this year. By bow season, my neighbor and eveyone else had started hunting this buck. I got lucky on November 22, 2016 when he stepped out into my backyard food plot at 5pm pushing does out of field. At first I wasn't sure that it was him. He stopped to feed right in front of my stand, behind some kudzu. Finally I recognized his distinct kicker and shot him in the neck at 10 yards with my 270. He dropped in his tracks and the celebrating began!

    He weighed in at 240# live weight and green scored 162-2/8' with 16' inside spread!

    What a great Thanksgiving gift!
    Awesome buck. Congrats!