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  • Mississippi Youth's First Bow Kill is a 'Buck of a Lifetime'

    Braydon Muse, 14, of Florence, MS bagged his first deer with a bow on October 15, 2016 in Holmes County. Little did he know that his first arrow released may have harvested the best deer he ever will 'see' much less get a 'shot at' in all his days ahead in the field.
    After a morning of seeing does, fawns and small bucks, Braydon's drive and persistency to stay on the stand through noon due to the moon phase paid off. Approximately 10:05am, the drop-tine buck made his way down the levee into an old hardwood swamp bottom where Braydon's Millennium stand was hung 2 weeks in advance of bow season. After 10 minutes of feeding on falling acorns and browse, the 166' - 280 pound giant with 12 score able points made his way into range so that Braydon could release his arrow at 25 yards. The Rage broadhead found its mark on a slightly quartering away shot and the buck took a hard hit then slowly made his way out of sight. Due to the nature of the angle, Braydon decided to wait a couple of hours before getting down and then making his way back to camp to allow for another 2 hours to make sure his buck of a lifetime expired. After this gut wrenching 4 hours, Braydon along with his dad, grandfather and uncle made their way back to the point of the arrow's impact. Within 20 yards of this impact, a substantial blood trail was found and the buck was recovered within 125 yards. A celebration ensued and now we are sharing the history.
    Many thanks to our Lord and Savior above, the Peaster family and Cameron Stigler of The Outfitter in Florence, MS for his help with the sale and setup of Braydon's BowTech equipment.