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  • Custom Rice Bran Feeders

    Hello Mississippi Sportsman Readers

    Do you feed rice bran on your property for whitetail deer,hogs but have to resort to pouring it on the ground or an open trough exposed to the weather.I have the answer to this problem.My business builds custom feeders for wildlife.My design relies on no motors,batteries,solar panels to maintain,feeders are built with heavy duty construction with quality hardware and are 100% animal activated.Feeders are built for the consumer to have years upon years of field usage with little maintenance involved.I have done a 5 year field trial on this design and have very good results.If your the sportsman that travels great distance to your hunting grounds, then this products is a valuable tool to have at your hunting site.Mississippi whitetail deer love rice bran,keep them on your property and not your neighbors property when your not there to apply it on a daily basis.Think about this,all of us deer hunters are looking to harvest a mature whitetail,a mature whitetail is a very smart animal.You pour it on the ground and it gets wet,a whitetail will not touch it,a hog will not even eat a decomposing pile of rice bran.A mature whitetail will avoid that area due to it being a unnatural smell.My product will keep it fresh just like when you first open a new bag of rice bran.I strongly stand behind this design.Visit or you can go to my facebook page to view prototypes in action,thank you fellow sportsman for your time and have a blessed and safe day