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  • Growing Bigger Whitetails

    If you are tired of hunting and only seeing young, small bucks, or no deer at all, this ad is for you.

    Growing big deer in Louisiana is tough. Our regulations encourage shooting young deer, which is unfortunate. Most leases and clubs either follow state regulations or have equally poor rules.'8pts or better' is a terrible rule. So is '15inch minimum inside spread' or '4pts on one side.' I could go on and on but I'm sure you understand the point I am trying to make. None of those rules account for the age of the deer, and they certainly encourage shooting the younger deer with the best genetics.

    I know how grow and manage a whitetail herd. I have managed farms and ranches from St. Francisville, LA to the hill country of Texas and up into Missouri. I have the knowledge and experience to turn a piece of property into a big buck factory. And I enjoy teaching others how to do the same. If you need proof I can show you pictures of the deer I've killed in the past.

    I have multiple leases in Missouri, but now I am in the market to join a large lease or club in Lousiana. When I say 'large' I mean lots of land, preferably 1000+ acres, not lots of members.

    If you are already part of a lease or club that wants bigger deer. I would love to join. And I don't mind paying the price. If you have a piece of land and want help with your herd just let me know. I am looking for something in east Louisana or southwest Mississipi.

    I guarantee you this. No matter what the status of your deer herd is, I can have 130' bucks in 3 years and 150' bucks in 5 years walking around on the property.

    If you are interested, shoot me an email at: