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  • Next Phase for Catchdat Charters

    Jade is doing her best to announce the next step for Catchdat Charters. Lol

    As some of you know up until now I have been rotating between working In Africa for a month and fishing in Dularge for a month. Well, that is changing when I get home from my last trip November 4th! I will now be available to guide full time and stop disappearing for a month. No more starting over every other month. Lol

    With that said that doubles the available dates open for booking so jump on it and get you one! Some of the best fishing of the year in Dularge the next couple months and with the holidays plenty of days without school to take kids fishing! No running in the gulf this time of year, all inshore short boat rides with plenty action, perfect time to get kids involved in fishing?

    Message me here or email to get your date on the calendar and after November 3rd 225-715-2105 will no longer be turned off for at a time! I appreciate all the support it took to move to this next level, now let's get out there!!

    Capt. Elton Rodrigue