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  • Calhoun County QDM Club

    We were successful in securing the lease and we are forming a new QDM Deer hunting club. Dues will be $1400 for 25 members. We are brand new so no facilities yet. If you would like more information you can contact us at

    Property description:
    Our property is approximately 20 miles south of Oxford near Banner, MS and comprises 3,169 acres of various stages of timber growth from 1 to 20 year old planted pines (approximately 600 acres are pines 4 yrs old and less). The property also appear to have approximately 30% mixed hardwood coverage scattered throughout. This property is very diverse! The terrain is predominantly rolling hills of +/- 100 ft elevation changes. With these hills some of the young pine sections offer visibility in excess of 500 yards. A large portion of the semi-mature pines have been thinned also providing good visibility along with excellent soft mast growth. We have a beaver pond on the northern section of the property that will likely make a good duck pond (7 acres). There is another semi-dry marsh (4 acres) toward the center of the property that we spooked a wild hog out of during one of our visits. There are three additional wet/dry marshes on the property as well. The western portion of the property is the headwaters for the beginning of Smith Creek that eventually flows into Otoucalofa Creek and there are several more smaller creeks that are on property. We also have a gas pipeline cutting through the southern portion of the property that will also provide a good hunting opportunity will plenty of visibility.