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  • In search of old connections- Sam Rush

    My name is Clayton Rush. I am the grandson of Sam Rush, a man very well-known in the Flowood/Brandon area and the Ross Barnett. I am writing this in hopes that I can find some of his old connections and fishing buddies or tournament partners to get in touch with and get some tips on fishing the ross Barnett in the summer. I live in Louisiana but have decided to make a few trips up the this summer with a few buddies of my own. Any help I can get would be appreciated. I think my grandfather would enjoy me coming to fish an area that he did so very often over the years if he were still alive. I know he was great friends with a Mr. Myron, not sure of the last name. Also I met Mr. Robby (again can't remember his last name) at his funeral who I know was a great fishing buddy of his. I apologize if this is not the proper place to put something like this, just trying to get some help in fishing the area before I go. If anybody knew my grandfather and would like to help his grandson out in continuing the Rush name up there please give me an email.
    Thank you!