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  • Big Boy!

    Anybody seen this one yet? Was reported on

    Truly a buck of a lifetime.

    Buck of a Lifetime...and the story goes:

    On Tuesday evening Dec. 2nd at 4:35 PM, I could not believe my eyes were seeing what was walking through the pines on my Mississippi Hunting Lease!

    I been hunting like most of you guys, a long time! I will never brag about killing any deer, deer hunting will humble you quick & hard.... Right Place at Right Time, I'm 44 and love to hunt deer... Not monster deer, just deer!

    I know he is a buck of a lifetime or two, I want to share him in a positive way. And I truly wish that all my friends who hunt get to feel how I'm feeling right now. Although we hunt for more reasons than to kill trophies. I'm very humbled, blessed, & so grateful.....