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  • An 11 day red snapper season?!

    Here’s an account from the long and contentious Gulf council meeting that led to the historically dismal 11 day federal snapper season:

    Seems like things have to turn the corner at some point with snapper management... What’s the answer?
    sad... you are being robbed!
    The NMFS wase happy to cut the season short. The only reason they had the extra season last year was for one of two reasons. 1. They are in bed with the ones bringing the lawsuit and wanted the suit or 2. They were trying to let us down slowly and keep more states from going noncompliant.

    The NMFS is out to shut down the red snapper season and it is just one of many slow steps they are taking.

    FACTS: 1. Scientist say there are more snapper today then EVER. This is because of having more habitat thanks to artificial reefs where only mud existed before.

    2. Recs are suppose to get 49% of the allocation/ commercials 51%. Well they get more EVEN by NMFS numbers. Why? Because it goes by weight, not fish and the commercial fisherman only have to report the weight AFTER the fish has been gutted. Recreational fisherman weights come from ungutted fish.

    3. NMFS/NOAA was mandated 8 years ago to improve their flawed data. They have not complied with that. That haven't because it would show they are wrong and then it would be more difficult for them to cut you fishing! The lawsuit should have prompted them to fix their data but instead of doing that they decided to continue to break the law and simply not let you catch the snapper that they allocate to you.

    This is all about corruption. It has nothing to do with the resource. You will only get to keep 11 snapper this year IF they season isn't shortened again which it most likey will be because La. just opened RS fishing state wide all year long.

    Think about this. You can catch MORE of any species of fish that has an open fishing season. More MARLIN, more Swordfish, more Bluefin Tuna!

    They keep talking about accountability. Amazing how we can manage spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, tuna, specks, reds without counting EVERY SINGLE FISH caught. But for some mysterious reason red snapper are different.