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  • Fishing Red Snapper in October!!!!

    Fishing Red Snapper in October!!!! 08-11-13

    That's right! The Whipasnapa Charter boat is awaiting another round of the elusive Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper!!!! An boy that October fishing gets right you know!!!
    As the cobia migrate back through on their return trip home, the October water temps cool down and that brutal summer sun is gone. Really seems to turn on a good feed for all the fish. Grouper, snapper, amberjack, kings offshore with reds, blacks, sheep's an trout really turning on inshore. Some of my most memorable meat in the box adventures have been in October. From my experience if we can get ole mother nature to do her part we gone way lay'm!!!! That's right be like the old days putting 4 to 500 lbs of fish in the Box!!!(of course offshore) especially if they leave the aj season open!!! I know a short time ago when the snapper season run through Oct. several times I remember catching 200lb of Red Snapper 200lb of cobia an 200lb of Mangrove Snapper (IN THE BOX)!!! didn't fish much for amberjack back then but now add 200lb of amberjack to that, plus a few of the other snapper an some kings plus some grouper (o'lawd) we might need a bigger boat!! YEAH!!! That BEAUTIFULY SWEET CEO of the whipasnapa franchise has been hinting a lil that its getting about that time!!!!:)
    We been mostly inshore fishing 6 hour an 4hr lately..for some pretty good flounder, trout and drum action. The puppy drum and reds have really been hot through July, August. Dropping them nice fresh dead shrimp to the bottom has done most of the damage.., Its some what of an art, to it to be able to flitch the shrimp up an inch or 2 an anticipate that big red are black drum to smoke it as it falls back to the bottom..Hey drag ripping! It is a pain at times dealing with all the croakers an catfish but they do pull pretty good an if patient and learn the technique of pulling the big shrimp away from the pesky nibble nibble stuff an anticipate the bigger thump of the red or black an hit him quickly with a blunt hook set can be tons a of fun.
    Nuthing like hearing them lil drags on that light tackle sing, YEAH!!! White trout and ground mullett have been strong and steady with a pretty good avg. size usually a Hr. are so producing a strong 40 are more!!!!
    The Jacks, bonito, sharks, bull reds and few cobia have been kicking it up at the barrier island and behind the shrimp boats. The reels are a lil bigger drags a lil tighter as the fish are a little bit meaner. The angler gets pulled around a lil as well. :) Which adds to the excitement. Chunking a nice size white trout or croaker out behind a shrimp boat and watching as the feeding frenzy of sharks, jacks or bonito's engulf just about anything that hits the water.. Get 4 or 5 hooked up at once an anglers go to flying around all over the place trying to FOLLOW their fish gets Very entertaining!!! But to watch the fear faces turn into happy faces just makes me :) Moan Y'all lets go rip some stanking lips!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel