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  • Cobia Bar Fishing, May's Good

    Cobia Bar Fishing, May's Good!!!! 05-21-2013

    The Biloxi, Ms. based charter boat Whipasnapa, has been chumming them bars for sure!!! As most know we like chumming. Especially for the brown fish, aka ling, cobia, and lemon fish.
    Since the second week of May each trip has been fortunate enough to boat a nice cobia some up to five. Most 2 or 3 with the biggest being a 57lber. Hard to mention everyone's name and where they were from but a big THANK YOU, to all who helped this years bar season to be one of the very best!!! It really does take a large amount of hard work, patience and team work to boat these fish chumming on the bar. With 10 to 12 poles out and couple chum chompers (that have to be stroked consistently) outboard motors and anchors that have to be maneuvered around, once a BIG fish has been Hooked, things can get hairy for sho!!! :)
    We were very successful thou of all the fish we hooked we boated everyone of them!!! That in itself is pretty dang good. Way 2 Go Team!! Appx. 30 for 30!!!! Most were caught by sight as they came up to the boat following the impressive chum slick we were putting out. A live ell, croaker, catfish, spot or jig was presented an engulfed by the curious hard fighting great tasting Cobia.They really do check out when hooked, some do a lil tail walk slinging their head around trying to throw the hook, some hit the sinker lines an man when that clicker goes off the anticipation an anxiety of not knowing what your fixing to set the hook on is second to none..If it leaves screaming its probably a shark. Its the nice slow ease off when Cobia is anticipated.Then everyone is waiting to see the infamous rise to the top that the cobia's always do. Regardless of how it happens rest assured the high fives an smiles on the face of the angler and spectators after that cobia is boated is priceless.
    I'm figuring the bar fishing is very close to wrapping up. :( We might squeeze out 1 or 2 more. Time to start picking them up out at the rigs and the shrimp boats farther out in the Gulf, as the shrimp season and snapper season are fast approaching. For you curious fishermen, they have set the Snapper Season for June 1 to June 28th. I have about 3 or 4 days still open so hurry and fill them up!!!
    Inshore the white trout, ground mullet, have been pretty strong with several gaff tops, a few flounders and reds pulling the strings.
    Anyway if your still reading this crap thank you, and moan down get on the Whipasnapa Let's go get'm Bo an Boets!!! :)
    Pictures will be freshene-d up weekly but the reports prob will cease for the month of June. Cause I think you all know why they really call us WHIP- A- SNAPA!!! Hopefully Mother Nature An God willing some very nice limits of Red Snapper w/ some's Mangroves, Cobia, Kings an all that other stuff out there that dares get in the cross hairs of ole WhipaSnapa will most certainly get the complimentary ride aboard the WhipaSnapa too the cleaning table>>>>>>O yeah we set the St. Record for the Atlantic Sharp nose this past weekend W/a 15 and 1/2 lber, 1/2lb shy of the world record!!! Congratulations Steve!!!

    God Bless all affected as lives have been changed forever as mother nature seems to be so violent these days!! As hurricane season fast approaches, we will be keeping our fingers (and everything else) crossed and praying as well.

    Let's Go Fishing!!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel