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  • Ohkissa

    Going up to Ohkissa on April 18th, 19th and 20th. Not asking for any details. But is anyone catching bass? Been there the last three years, usually do good in March and April, any hint of information would be greatly appreciated. You Mississippi rednecks are usually pretty tight lipped about the lake conditions, just thought I would try asking.Maybe someone wouldnt mind sharing with an old coonass.
    Well, no replies from my request, so I will update my own post. Fished Friday, 4/20, bass were SMOKING! Caught 12 in the slot and five keepers. All caught on top water chug bugs and rogues! Five fish over 6 pounds!
    Saturday was a differant ball game, blue bird day! Only one in the slot and five keepers under 18'. Get out on the water whenever you can and good luck to you all!