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  • second tom of the season not textbook

    day started off as usual, with no leaves on trees and typical winter type day,but at least rain stopped.two gobblers gobbling 100 yards apart and another on adjoining property.i got set up and the little gobble treeing house dog from neighbors house started barking at base of roost tree at daylight the two birds flew to next property to get away from the problem.still gobbling along with hen with other gobbler.made my usual round of the pastures and sat until 10.00am and remembered that boston butt sandwich at the truck and my boots and feet wet.rested,changed boots and decided to take folding saw and make blind for next day.leaned gun on tree and looked through binocs 300 yards away and tom strutting while another tom bred hen.i had to follow a creek to keep from being seen,cross back and crawl up bank into pasture toward where i thought the birds would prone position with water saturating my clothes,i see a big chucklehead. kept crawing their direction and saw hen and i yelped three times softly.she came my way,the i saw the big head about 45 yards over .11/8'hooks,8' beard and probably 19#
    2 squared
    Congratulations again... for the second time!!!

    Signed omegaman66