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  • Biloxi Bay Fishing heats up!!!

    Biloxi Bay Fishing heats up!!! 2-5-2012

    The Biloxi, Ms. Whipasnapa Charter fishing season is getting well under way, an heating up nicely. Saturday a lovely couple from Chicago blessed the Whipasnapa with some great company, as we enjoyed a few hrs. on the Back Bay, they seemed to enjoy our mild weather as it was 9 degree back home in Chicago. We managed a pretty good day, kinda slow for the most part. They kept dropping and fishing hard an were rewarded. Several nice battles with some scrappy red fish, couple specks and sheepshead. The couple had flown in, so catch an release was the Game!! Well except for the couple flounder that hit the deck of ol' Whipasnapa an had the honor to get whooped up an bless the table of the Captain!! :)
    We were dropping over some the old bridge structure by the new Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge with live shrimp. Just holding the boat over the structure with the motors running, so we could drop straight down. A sinker tied to the bottom an the hook about a foot above it, so as to not hang up, allows the sinker to barely lay on the bottom, that allows the live shrimp to flick around about a ft. above an WALLEYE botalabing!!! Make sure not to drag it or you will surely hang up on this structure.!
    Mr. Baker, ol' dirt {peanut} farmer from Georgia, (an a marvelous guy to spend the day with) got it put on him pretty good. I wore him out. I love when he comes cause I can simply out fish him every time :) Naw, actually I told him to keep it a secret but he put it on me!!!! Mr. Baker likes keeping a lil heated competition going. We were tossing live shrimp with a very light split shot over some structure close to the power lines, by Imperial Palace. Couple of nice specks, black drum, and small reds pulled his string. And of course pulled out that smack talk he likes to dish out! But most seemed to miss my line. O well out of 15 trips guess he was do :) Thanks Mr. Baker always a pleasure.
    The Whipasnapa was also blessed to have aboard a couple more return friends. Early Feb., the Pawelski family from Minnesota, fished good an hard as they enjoyed some good family time an fought a good variety of nice Back Bay winter species. Started off with the beginner getting all the luck at first, as Mrs. P. hooked up on couple very scrappy Sheepshead (9 to 10lb range) that tested the equipment, (smoked the drags), an got the ticker pumped up as well. The rest of the gang were hooking up on some bay specks most in the 12 to 14 in. range. After bout a hr. or so we ventured on to our next spot. Yet again the beginner, which by now is looking more like the guide, as she pulled out couple nice flat fish (flounder), an small reds. At the 3rd spot the rest of the gang heated up as several brute size reds pulled out the smiles, except one (the beginner) who seemed to have got stuck on the wrong side the boat. Around lunch time the group decided to fish for another couple hrs. so I had to run grab a few more live shrimp before Ms. Crabby closed. (Mondays are their half day off). We went on up the bay to the Ocean Springs bridge looking for some more of them drag ripping sheep's. There Mrs. Connie started heating up an kept the rod bent doubled on several nice sheepshead.. The crew kept a fish or 2 of each species,black drum, sheep head, flounder,specks an reds.. The smiling hungry gang took their variety catch over to the well known McElroy's family restrurant, to let them put their magic touch on it.. 'Best FISH AND TRIP ever Capt.' was the report I got back from the crew. So thinking it was a hit, thanks yall!!!!
    January is always a lil slow, probably the slowest for charter fishing.Then February it starts to rock n roll!!!! Alot of the greatNortherners (SNOWBIRDS) decide that Feb. is the time to head South. An I can't say that I blame them. Reds, specks, flounder, sheeps heads and black drum are the steady fish, this time of the year. The weather has been very nice actually, the big rains a couple weeks ago, kinda messed up the water for a lil while but its getting back pretty good shape now. The live bait shops were missing on the shrimp during the flush but they back on them as well..So hey; fishing is a lil slower in the winter time but patience an determination will pay off for sure..On some the calmer days with some good sunshine we can run out to the surfs of Ship Island an get on some sight casting for the huge black an red drum that lurk out in the shallows.Talk about a Hooot!!!!! Every fish in the winter time is for the most part a good keeper fish. As the ol pesky croaker, pinfish an catfish are none existing this time of yr.! Anyway enough BS getya butt on the boat an lets keep the Rods bent an grease stanking!!

    Let's Go Fishing!!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel