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  • Okhissa Lake - Fish and Crowds

    Fished Okhissa today. Caught an 8 and a 6 off of a bed.

    Saw very few fish. Saw a TON of boats, and got alot of dirty looks.

    Its a small lake, loaded with timber. Its almost Spring time. There will be crowds. Not everyone that passes by you is out to mess you up.

    Just because you get to a cove, a 30 acre cove first, it is not yours, believe me, I wish it was. Its Spring Time. It will be crowded. Relax and enjoy the lake.

    I will be in the white/red Ranger with dual power poles and a platform on the front. You can fish right beside me if you like, on top of my boat if you like, just give a kind 'hello'.

    There are plent of fish for all.
    Off the same bed!
    That is a couple of good ones. Congrats.
    I was fishing last spring near (but not too close) a boat of your description. I was in a Diablo Kayak... doing some standup yak fishing. Not that it helped... could see the bass but they were far too tight-lipped that day.

    Took a lunch break and tried for bream later and caught a nice mess. Nothing like they have at Panther or Walthall, but I think the really big ones were way too deep for my fly tackle.