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  • So tell your friends to tell their friends and ya'll load up, come on down and lets keep the hooks in the water!!!

    Let's Make 2013 the Fishiest Ever!!!!!! 1-07-2013

    Happy New Year's fellow WhipaSnapa'ers, I hope everyone is getting their New Year off to a great start. The Biloxi Ms. Charter boat WhipaSnapa would like to thank everyone for all the great support in 2012. And would like to ask for your support to spread the word so 2013 will be even fishier!!!
    We ran 4 or 5 trips around Christmas time that produced some great light tackle action. Most of the guest were in town just visiting or passing through, and not keeping their fish, so catch and release. Team Missouri had a few hours of rock steady action Thursday. Just about as quick as a bait could get in the strike zone it was engulfed! An a brisk but strong game of tug o war pursued!~!! With angler winning most. Them fish did put up a pretty good match tho!!! Good strong hook set keep good bend in rod and PULL UP REEL DOWN!!!
    Friday's was also strong, with sheepshead, flounder, reds, couple of specks and puppy drum all participating in the great action. Then on Saturday, man the wind blowed in and it was COLD!! we just got whupped!! Fish just would not bite. At least not where we were. We tried to make them bite in some of the out of the wind spots, and even roughed it out in the brutal wind, but with very lil success! :(
    Monday's couple from Georgia fished hard and still for the most part a lil slow but did manage a pretty good variety of nice fish. Actually, the last hour of the 3 hour excursion was action packed with several nice reds and specks being brought boat side.
    The bait shops have been able to hold a steady supply of live shrimp that has produced most of the action. A few hit fresh dead but the frisky live did most of the damage. Beautiful clear water, just right temps, an wind have been very manageable for the most part!!! As always we keep a pretty steady bite on Flounder, Specks, Reds, Sheepshead an puppy drum throughout the winter..
    But anyway getting your string pulled hard and often is always good. Especially along the shores of South Mississippi in the beautiful Biloxi's Back Bay with the Whipasnapa (of course). So tell your friends to tell their friends and ya'll load up, come on down and lets keep the hooks in the water!!!

    Let's Go Fishing!!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel