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    This is my little brother who was in a wreck 5 years ago. He has bad brain damage and motor skills aren't very good at all. He has very little use of his left arm and is in a wheel chair but refuses to let it slow him down too much. He loves to hunt but has been scared he couldn't shot a gun so he usually just goes and watches me hunt. Jason and I went to my uncles land and set up a ground blind in his field where we had been seeing a bunch of does come out every afternoon. We this doe come out at about 150 yards all I could do was pray he didn't miss and thank the good lord when she dropped in her tracks when he pulled the trigger. I've killed a few good bucks but Ive never got as excited as I did on this hunt. To see my little brother overcome the odds and kill a deer means the world to me. Now he wants to kill a buck!!
    Very cool.
    Great story. Wish you had included pics. I can imagine how proud you are of your little brother.
    I KNOW how proud your little brother is of you.
    Good job man.
    Thanks man
    Yes I was very proud of him. I tried to put the picture up yesterday but couldn't. I'm trying to post it now.
    That is a great hunt, great story... just in time for Christmas! Congratulations to your brother!!!
    That big grin says it all.
    Congrats to him and you.