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  • 7mm-08 Rifle for Kids

    Does anyone use a 7mm-08, is it a good rifle for a 10 year old to shoot?
    I was looking to buy her a .243 but a friend is offering me a H&R 7mm-08 at a great price.
    The 7mm-08 has a couple more pounds of recoil than a 243 which isn't much more. From about 10 pounds to 12.5 pounds or so with a little variability on if you use heavy bullets or the smaller bullets.

    Compare those numbers to the 20 pounds of kick from a 30-06 to give you a reference point.

    So in my opinion I wouldn't let the recoil be a factor. Availability of bullets is the only potential negative and they aren't that rare so I say go for it.

    But I want to throw this out there. When buying a rifle caliber is only one of the factors to consider. We typically make it our number 1 priority when the other facits of the gun are actually much more important.

    For example I will not buy a rifle or shotgun that doesn't have the safety up top where it is easy and quick on/off with the stroke of your thumb when the gun is on your shoulder. If it has a safety down by the trigger it isn't an option I would pass.

    Also what action is it. Bolt, pump etc. That is a personnel choice but don't by a pump when you want an auto. You get the point.

    Good luck, have fun.
    It is a Handi Rifle crack barrel single shot with a transfer bar under the hammer as the safety. The little gun is exactly what I hunt with now except for the caliber.

    I actually have gotten to the point that I use my .444 handi rifle all season instead of just during primitive since it is such a compact, reliable gun and can make every shot I need. I have also never had to blood trail a deer since the first day I started using that gun.

    The only negative I can come up with is you can't follow up a shot quickly, but I have never had to.
    Well it is like they say... 1 shot, dead... 2 shots, maybe, three shots miss!
    The recoil was really my concern, but you explained that well so I think I will go with the 7mm-08 for my kids.

    I was just asking you for this and found one: