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  • Nov. and Dec. is still very fishy!!

    Nov. and Dec. is still very fishy!! 11-18-2012

    Well as the 2012 boating season draws to an end, and we get time to reflect a lil. What a great year we've all enjoyed aboard the Biloxi, Ms. fishing charter boat 'WhipaSnapa'. Thanks to a number of old friends and many new one's that boarded the WhipaSnapa for a great day afloat!! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! : )
    November we pretty much have wrapped up the ever so exciting, big water adventures. Man what some great times out there this year!!! A many of those dream catches for sho!! Looking back on some of the pictures you wonder if any fishes are left, but I assure you we left plenty!! Even the Nov., Dec. and Jan. months are very fishy to say the least. If you can get one them blue bird days in between cold fronts. Mangrove, kings, cobia, grouper, amberjacks, Tuna, Wahoo and the snapper are very Catchable these months. They would love a trip back to the Biloxi shores aboard the WhipaSnapa for sho!!!
    The last few trips, in late Oct., just ran in close some 15 to 20 miles beyond the Islands where several large kings and some great cobia action took place. Some sharks, bonnita and jacks ripped the drag an brought them (O SHITS) out as we drifted an CHUMMED behind the shrimp boats for sho!!!!.
    The last couple combo trips (inshore-offshore), produced several big sharks, bull reds and a few cobia. Sharks, cobia an few Jacks were enjoyed while chumming on the ol Isle Capri bar. A few reely nice kings were in close for some great string stretching reel burning action too. Kings an cobia were on the Channel marker bouys. All brought out the (O Shits) an lots of : )'s for sho!!
    The action packed inshore trips will be the main attraction for the next few months tho. The Fiesty delicious red and black drum, flounder, sheepsheads and trouts are all hungry. On light tackle will sure peel'm out an heat'm up for sho!!!. So let's keep the pressure on the lil fishes and of course keep stanking up that grease!!!
    Anyway guys and gals, hard to believe that the 2012 boating season is just about over. But it tis, and has certainly been a joy to be your Captain and spend some time aboard that Fish Destroyer (WhipaSnapa). Many thanks to all who believed in us to spend a day are 2 or 3 an some cases 4 or 5 with us on the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Remember If you start getting them winter blues, the urge to play a lil tug of war, rip some lips, or STANK DA GREASE well you know what too do (Holla) anytime, an we will get'r DID !

    Have a Safe an Joyous Holiday Season, Keep ya line tight an if could please practice that pull up reel down!!! May God Bless!!!!

    And don't forget you can get your WhipaSnapa Chicken and Seafood Gumbo or some great Creole for your Holiday's. Either at the Grocery Basket (Grenada, Ms) or give us a shout!!

    what you waiting for here is your invitation:

    Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol' WhipaSnapa an let's get it on!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel