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  • A Red Hot start to the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Season!! 6-11-2012

    A Red Hot start to the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Season!! 6-11-2012

    The Biloxi, Ms. Charter boat Whipasnapa, has really started out the 2012 Snapper season with some red hot Snapper action for sure.. A really nice limit of Red Snapper each trip. Don't take long either!! With the smallest fish about 12 to 14lb an the biggest in the lower 20s..22lb biggest so far. Man those 20s can scrap with the best of'em. When you 1st bow'em up an they make that drag ripping run to the bottom or rig leg you best be pumping an reeling. If fishing around any structure, any drag is not in your favor. They do know how to get around the structure to freedom. First 3 to 5 pull ups an reel down (PURD) are o so crucial. Don't take long to know you got 1 either, ol sow will get some the ol drag every time. Luckily starting to find a few lumps an humps without any structure. Which gives the angler a slight advantage..
    Been warming everyone up a bit (so to speak) by stopping an hitting the shrimp boats on the way out. As the shrimpers generally shrimp at night then early morning as they anchor (to sleep), first they must cull through their catch.. That's when they throw plenty of that good ol fresh chum out.. (o this Capt. likes fresh chum). Makes for a perfect lil warm up!!! Amazing action on the med. an even the light tackle. Hook you a Bonito or a Mackeral on some light tackle an she fixin 2 sing>>>:) Jacks, shark an Cobia even on the med. wt. has some very intense moments as well, as some of the young anglers are dragged around the boat by their beast, you see fear in their eyes, they have never hooked much that tried to pull'em in!!! Let along try to eat them once in the boat!!! Mix in some absolutely gorgeous weather and wonderful guest getting their :)'s on, of course after their fear face, an just don't get much BETTER!!!!
    But seriously, take some fresh bonito, jack, poggey, croaker, or a hardtail out to the 120-130 depth an putcha on a xxxtra large porkchop an send it to about 80 to 100 ft an you better be holding on 2 your assprin bottem!!!! After about 6 to 8 good battles of Sow versus angler. The angler starts to 2nd guess dropping his bait.. Even had a couple guys praying to the fish lords that when I drop this 1lb fresh cut piece of bait over PLEASE let something small eat it!!! Wow, how blessed we are is what really comes to mind reminiscing about the past 10 days or so on the water. Some Great boating adventures for sure...
    Some great views from Whipasnapa eyes, friendship, breath takin boat rides, an very adjectively deplict battles of tug of wars really makes this Capt. enjoy what he does.. And Old Mr. Austin Fox ,the new Mate, is really proven to be a great lil diamond in the rough??? Helpin me keep 6 or so great guess with tremendous action on their rod for the day, is not easy. When you enjoy it like we do it is absolutely the greatest thou. An I think he loves it!!!
    Anyway all the Snapper trips have come home with some reeellly great catches of Red Snapper, few Mangroves, still not hitting them reel good but a few surenuff pigs have been tamed.. A King or 2, several Spanish, a cobia or 2 a few nice lane snapper, trigger etc. Some huge sharks has whooped every angler in the boat as well.. Run into some bluewater the last few trips an scooped a few dolphin, lesser amberjacks, seen some spectacularly HUGE Mantas out gliding an jumping completely out the water. With all kinda fish swimming with it.. a sight to see for sure...Just never know what you might see or get hooked on the other end of the string when you let it down to the deeps..Especially aboard the Whipasnapa cause we aint scared to hook just about anything on your hook probably something pretty Dang Big an let you drop it down an set back an :)
    Mother Nature has kinda sat us at home the past couple days:( bout the only reason decided it to do another report that an everybody buggin me, I didn know their was that many of ya reading this mess)))
    Inshore 1 or 2 trips scooped several nice trout, few groundmullet couple drum an out at the islands actually hooked up on a few cobias, out lingering around. Still missing the big red drum. Few good shark battles an the spanish.

    THE WEATHERS BREAKING, GET THE GREASE HOT, WE GONE FISHING!!!! Seee ya in a couple weeks we dont capture all the amazing photos on the trips, but feel free to check'em all out on our gallery are on our facebook page.. but being on the boat gives you the best view.. peace an hair grease!!!

    what you waiting for here is your invitation:

    Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol' WhipaSnapa an let's get it on!!!

    Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel