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  • tuesday and wednsday total and todays

    Fished tues and weds and got 8 a day both days I like to keep my flounder on ice for 2 or 3 days before I cleanem been bouncing bullminnows right on the bank move it. A couple times and make another cast just like worm. Fishing for bass. Caught aall these in a spot the size of a pool and caught 3 and two reds today I go to crabbys in diberville to get my bull minnows I always ask for the smallest ones they seem to like them better the wind today was horrible I was rockin and rollin today. I shouldnt have been out there but hey well u know but anyway there it is yall
    Nice catch.
    Jason, why do you keep the flatties on ice a few days before cleaning them? I have caught a few flounder but never kept them. They have got to be the strangest looking fish that swims.
    easier to clean
    hey if youll leave them flounder on ice for a couple of days theyll be easier to clean i always filet em and trout is very much easier to clean the meat will b firm and cuts so easy try that the next time leave your fish one ice 2 or 3 days and then clean em youll b like dang jason was right that meat will stay together so good your knife will slide right through there why havent we seen any pics from your catches man croaker just what ever you catch take some pics and put em on here and tell all your friends to add their catches on here it dont take much time id love to see all the pplz catches on here it will also give everyone an idea bout what to use and where to go then well all stay in the fish i got bout 6 or 8 holes that produce everytime i hit the water never had a bad day to b honest thank god for b2 squid and gulp shrimp knock on wood but anyway lets see some of your catches man and pass the word mike gurin on here would like to see it too this web site could blow up if wed all post on here im thinkin bout makin some fliers to promote this web site but aint got around too it but anyway just try keeping them on ice for a few days and clean em theyll taste better too.
    cleanin and catchin
    Jason, thanks for the tip. I appreciate that and plan to use it very soon. I heard from Chad at Dockside today. My boat should be at his place anytime. Probably looking at first of June before I get on the water and stuck on a flat, lol. As soon as we christen it with a catch I will post some shots. Thanks again!!

    Good Stuff!
    Great report and congrats on the catch Jason.

    I should be home (finally) in about 1 1/2 weeks or so. Haven't had a day off in over a month, so when I get back all I plan on doing the first couple of days is sleep and fish.

    We'll get the trip out to chandeleur we've been talking about planned once I get back.

    Again, good stuff Man!
    Hey bud
    LOTS of folks over here

    from down your way. This is to the salt water section and it's all local Miss folks.